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Your projects are highly dynamic, and the pace of change is accelerating.
Take control with an activity based process simulation!

Low effort

Our solution makes it quick and easy to build models for complex projects

High accuracy

The models we provide,
does not only give risks per item,
but connects them to the project as a whole both in time, cost or other KPI's like CO2 or even happiness

Real -time

Numbers change all the time, hence our models can be rerun with new parameters within minutes avoiding lags in discussions and communication

We have the tool: ASK

ASK - Dashboard

Meet our powerful customizable dashboard tool
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ASK - Process Simulation tool

Our module-based framework provides a cost efficient way to build project models where both duration and cost of an activity is uncertainty, linking them together through causal connections. It is also possible to include decision rules, such that the model is adapted to the actual project, and not the other way around. We have strived to make the framework agile and scalable, running it on Microsoft Azure Cloud.
As the models are module-based, we can give you high resolution both in time and cost dimension, providing you the trade-off in a clear and visual way. We pride ourselves in the underlying mathematics, making sure that you always get the correct statistical information. Once the model is parametrized, it only takes minutes to update any changes, giving you the freedom to experiment. The process simulation provides the associated cost and risk analyses, and with a risk model, driving causes for project’s time and cost risks are easily identified, giving you an extra tool for manage them both.


Applying estimation theory, we acknowledge that we do not know everything, but we always know something.

Hybrid Intelligence

Man and machine are unified with a common language, allowing further exploitation of AI and machine learning.

Stochastic by Nature

We combine mathematics, statistics and brute force in order to predict a large number of possible future outcomes.

Risk and Uncertainty

There is always a “but”. Any conceivable concern or risk can be modelled with impact and probability.

Complexity Management

The framework can be used to explore various strategies and compare them. Make the best decision in difficult times.

Causal Modelling

There are always dependencies. Our approach gives the possibility to build consistent models with causal relations.

Continuous (Auto)

ASK can give continuous feedback on where you are, can go, and have been for maximum project overview.


Where are you heading? – or more important, what happens if you go there?

Analysis & Optimization

Your current status in relation to the desired KPIs – and information on where to start improving them.

System Integration

Our simulations run in Microsoft Azure and can be integrated with your system through APIs and microservices.

Know-how and knowledge

Modelling of knowledge and fuzzy information– digitalization of human processes or workflows.


Physical entities as structures, factories, vehicles, vessels or process-lines – Either existing or hypothetical.


The impact and casual relation to equivalent KPIs as CO2, land-use, toxicity etc.


Human interaction and biases that influence decision making.


Cost, schedule and cash flow modelling with dynamic linking to investment optimization and value evaluation.


Process simulation of alternative bridge crossing concepts and paths.
Analysis of economical interaction potential with regards to cost and time - integrated in one analysis.
Various parameters were kept open in the simulation, allowing optimization on best concept for each crossing and scope.
(Illustration Vianova/Baezeni)
Process simulation contributed to a cost saving of about 30%
Process simulation contributed to potantial cost savings of about 20%
(Illustration Statens vegvesen/Vianova/Baezeni)
Process simulation contributed to taking the concept from unfeasible to feasible

Other example Projects


Optimize potential in the early stages of research project. The goal of the BioZEment projects is to develop a cement that complies with today’s standards for strength and durability, but without using the calcination process.

Project EIK

Eik is a software for estimating the cost faster and better than the industry standard tools. The benefits with the software is the superior algorithm that can handle uncertain input and how they are interlinked.
Our goal
We want to irradiate every unnecessary risk for any process. It is just not pure logic.

Meet the team

Great things in business are never done by one person.
They're done by a team of people.


Pure Logic was founded in 2015. However, the foundation was created much earlier, as we all worked different places where risk and risk analyses were an essential part of our work. Especially in the building and construction industry, we build software models of essentially the same project time after time. However with the lack of a good framework it became cumbersome. We also learned the value of having accurate models and saw the paramount importance it for the success of our employers customers
This created unnecessary lags in discussion and prolonged the time before a decision could be made. The lack of good frameworks just did not exist, and for us it was just not logically. Also, we saw that projects with complex processes are not just limited to construction industry. Most projects are evaluated on the two parameters we strive to control, cost and time.
With some trepidation, Pure Logic was founded on the very principle we combated for years, providing low effort, high accuracy real-time process analyses.

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